A Purposeful Home

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Amazing Ashley 27 NWA

Today I am linking up to Kelly's Korner and her featured
"Show Us Your Singles".  Ashley lives in Northwest Arkansas.
She studied interior design and for a few years was a store
manager at a ladies clothing store in the mall but last fall
left that behind and changed career goals to move to
banking--and loves it!

Ashley is one of the world's most sincere people.  She is transparent and
honest.  Two years ago she was part of a core group that planted a new
church in the area.  Her church is an important part of her life and she
has a true servant's heart.  She hopes to return this year to the Yucatan
where she went last year on a mission trip.

She is committed to waiting on God's man for her life.  If you are a young
man who is looking for a godly woman, think and pray about this one.
If you know a man like that, point him to this feature.  He won't be disappointed!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our High Calling

I am borrowing this picture and this quote.  It speaks to my heart and I hope it will yours.
From "A Wise Woman Builds Her Home" www.proverbs14verse1.blogspot.com

"I work for a king.  He has put me in charge of His home.
When He comes to see how I have managed His possessions
and His children, I do not want to be found wanting.  I want to
do my best.  Everything I have is on loan from Him.  I have
room and board and a job to do, but it is all for Him.
Therefore I want to dress my best and do my best in all
my work.  I also want to be creative, for this is a sincere
attempt to glorify Him and His beautiful creation.  How
I manage my home is a form of worship to Him."
Lydia Sherman

Click on 'Home' on labels to see a great quote by
Elisabeth Elliot

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello 2013!  I am determined to be more "purposeful" about
blogging.  I may even put something of significance here. 
Hopefully soon, I'll organize pictures and do a recap of
2012 and then begin to chronicle life in the new year.
Stay tuned!

Friday, September 23, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Once upon a time, a little girl dreamed of marrying a handsome prince,
becoming a mommy, and making a home for her family.

The little girl grew up and one day, at her church, she met her prince.
Not long after, she fell in love with him and the prince in her dreams
now had a face.

In the fall of that year, her prince married her and swept her away
to his kingdom.

The prince and princess were blessed by children and their kingdom
grew and increased and every year found them more and more

All too soon, they realized their children were growing up and
becoming princes and princesses and forming their own kingdoms.

They also realized that even though their children were growing
older they weren't.  They seemed to get younger each year
on their anniversary.

The prince and princess have become a king and a queen and
are surrounded by their loving heirs and hoping for grandchildren
to join their kingdom one day.

The king and his queen have been mightily blessed by their
Lord and King.  And the queen realizes more and more
each day what a blessing her King and her king are to her.

Happy Anniversary, Lynn.  Let's live happily ever after.
I love you.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm so glad most of my children don't read my blog.  It would
probably embarrass them although that's not my intent.
Remember, family, this is a lazy mom's way to journal and
scrapbook :).  I post on the girl's birthdays but I figure
that grown male children would rather me not do that.
However, as I was cleaning and thinking last week it
occured to me that I did post a tribute about Lance
the day before he and Lucy got married.  That means
that Bryan has never officially had his own personal post
on my blog.  I'll leave the cute baby and growing up
pictures for the post I do the day before he gets married
and just put up big boy pictures  today (sorry, Bryan).
Call me predjudiced, but I don't think any
other children could have a better oldest
brother than my kids do.  He has proven
to be what oldest brothers and first-borns
were designed by God to be.  A born
leader he sets a Godly example for the rest
of the family.  The other kids greatly value
his opinion and proven good judgement.

Loves the outdoors and all things manly.
And.......my all-time favorite picture of him
doing what he does best.........

Serving and praising the Lord and
leading others in worship.
Thanks, Bryan, for blessing your mother's
heart and life.  You and all your siblings
are truly a gift from God.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oops--rewind to August

Because this is primarily to record life--and because I have found this is a lazy way
to keep pictures :)--I need to rewind our life back to August and put in pictures of
the birthday boy.  Lynn's birthday was the 29th but with about a dozen schedules
all running together we celebrated on Sunday the 28th.  It's getting harder and
harder to get everyone together but it's really nice when we pull it off.

The birthday boy in his man cave with all his
dutiful children surrounding him in adoration :).
Or...maybe they're giving him a hard time
about getting older.

I've noticed we're starting to segregate--
this is the chick's table

The rooster's table
I don't want to advertise his age but if you want to do the math--in 40 years
he will be 98.  Happy 98 Lynn, 40 years early!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Party in a Box!!

A good friend of mine calls Ashley a "Party in a Box" so when a PIAB has a party
it's a lot of fun.  A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Ashley's 26th birthday all.
day. long.  It started at lunch, continued into the afternoon with a chick flick, moved
to Gary and Carol's and continued and ended there.  I hope it was a good day for
her.  Happy birthday, beautiful Ashley.
Her favorite colors

Tubing fun on a deserted lake--there was no one out there

At the watering hole

a 21 layer chocolate cake


Cuties at sunset

Happy Birthday, Ashley!!